Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Find And Work The G-Spot

Most men are probably now aware that women can have several different types of orgasms!
Experienced guys will know that the most satisfying orgasm a women can have is achieved via the G-spot. Now don't let people tell you otherwise the G-spot does exist and I'm going to tell you how to make your woman the happiest on this planet by showing you how to find, and then how to pleasure her. Here's the low-down.

First of all, the G-spot is not an actual spot, it is more of a small area, located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. (On the underside of her stomach.)

Sometime it is difficult to find or locate. You should know when you have found it because it feels like a ribbed bump, a little bit like the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth.
Now that you've found the G-spot the next question is how should you stimulate it?
I'm going to say something here that took me a long time to appreciate. We men love to satisfy our ladies with intercourse but guess what - it's not always the best way and I'm going to tell you why.

When we talk about satisfying our partner there is an awful lot of variables to be taken into consideration: to begin with there is position, there is your partners level of arousal, the size of your penis, and vaginal shape and size are also part of the bigger picture. In short: using your fingers is the easiest way to help your partner reach orgasm with the most chance of success.

But before starting to stimulate the G-spot there is a little preparation you have to go through.
In most cases, women need to have their clitoris stimulated before stimulating the G spot. In a sense this presents its own problem for once it's fully stimulated, the clitoris is often too sensitive for direct contact, the best way around this is the most direct - ask your partner, as in all things to do with lovemaking listen to what your partner is say either verbally or otherwise.
If you don't stimulate the clitoris there is a very strong possibility that the G-spot may feel dry and uncomfortable. Once the clitoris sufficiently stimulated then it's onto the G-spot!

Let's talk about the best positions to stimulate the G-spot
To really stimulate the G-spot, you'll have to get yourself into a position that gives you great easy access, and then it is time to work your magic. Here's the two positions I use most often:

1) My partner lies on her back while I lie next to her, using my stronger arm - I'm left handed so for me it's my left arm.

2) Often she'll sit doggie-style, while I'll sit and work the magic from behind.
To really set the bedroom on fire try changing from one position to another over the course of your foreplay.
Now let's talk technique.

The motion you want to use is to nice and gently use your finger as though you were calling someone to "come over here". Remember though that the G-spot is different from the clitoris, which means, in most cases, you'll stroke it slightly harder than the clitoris. Like also sorts of pleasure there is no right or wrong just start by massaging it lightly and work your way up to a point which she finds incredibly satisfying.

How to tell if she's enjoying it
First of all, remember that the best feeling will vary for every woman, so you are going to have to experiment! Take it easy and don't be afraid: try this tip, alternate between two very slight movements or spots and that should help you find what she likes best. You'll know what she likes by her breathing or when she firmly grips you. We haven't experienced full satisfaction yet, there is a way to make this experience even MORE pleasurable.

How to make the orgasm more powerful
Prolonged foreplay will intensify orgasms, no doubt! However, as I sort of indicated above we men often focus so much on "performing" that we forget about spicing up our lovemaking with new and exciting things. Let's face it; most of us are guilty of this. You take your clothes off. Away you go, and, you are in and out within a few seconds or minutes, the routine is over you roll over and go to sleep! Sound familiar?

Is it any wonder that the magic begins to fade, there is only one partner receiving any sort of satisfaction and when you know what's actually on offer even that very limited? Is it any wonder it becomes harder and harder to make woman achieve orgasms. Perhaps more than we men they enjoy variety in their sexual experience. The very best way to please women long-term is to have an entire 'bag of ideas' ready to pull out whenever they're needed. I cannot stress the need to keep your lovemaking fresh and exciting in every way. That's the secret to fulfilled lovemaking.

3 Oral Positions To Give Her Multiple Orgasms Within Minutes

If there is one thing that you should know to give your partner multiple orgasms, is that you need to make your lovemaking unpredictable. Lovemaking has become such a routine activity for most couples that it is almost impossible for the woman to achieve orgasms during intercourse. Therefore to spice things up, one thing that you can do is to perform cunnilingus for your partner and vary the positions while performing it.

Why do you need to vary your cunnilingus positions? Let's face it, cunnilingus has the same basic concept which is to use your tongue and lick the vulva. Tongues techniques can get you far, but it tends to get boring after some time. Therefore to make cunnilingus stay interesting and pleasurable, you can vary the positions in which you perform cunnilingus on your partner to bring her to a more powerful orgasms that you ever though imaginable.

So let me list out 3 of the best cunnilingus positions that you can use to stimulate your partner's vulva:

1. The Doggy Position. This position gets its name directly from the popular intercourse position. With this position, your partner will go down on her fours on a solid surface, tilting her hips slightly towards the ceiling. You will position your face within sucking and licking distance from her vulva and start stimulate her clitoris.

2. The Backwards Position. This is considered one of the most comfortable cunnilingus positions of all times. Sometimes known as the "69" position, you will invert your body so that your legs will be at the same end of the bed as her head and her legs are on the same end of the bed as your head. For those who get stiff necks during cunnilingus, this position is ideal for you because the neck retains a much more natural position, thus reducing the tension around it.

3. The Legs Up Position. With this position, your partner will lie down on the bed and you will place your head squarely between her legs. You will then use both hands to hold her legs up and use your tongue to stimulate her vulva. This is one position that women find it extremely comfortable and gives you full access to her vulva.

Do not stick to one cunnilingus position when pleasuring your partner. Mix things up and bring a whole new level of excitement and pleasure to your cunnilingus session.

Comfortable Cunnilingus Positions

Cunnilingus is a delightfully sensual and intimate experience whether you perform it or receive it. One of the keys to orally pleasuring a woman requires that you start slow and build intensity gradually. Depending on her state of arousal before you begin, your lover may need at least ten to thirty minutes of cunnilingus to climax. To ensure you do not rush or stop prematurely just as it is getting good, you need to find a position that is comfortable to enjoy prolonged pleasuring.

Various positions offer different sensations both physically and emotionally. Depending on your body types and relative sizes, certain positions will be more comfortable for both of you. Also, some oral pleasuring positions can be more exciting or relaxing to suite the type of mood or stimulation you desire. Even the orientation of your tongue strokes can change resulting in new sensations. Different locations for oral sex also warrant creative types of positions. Each of the following cunnilingus positions has certain advantages. Try them all again or for the first time.

Reclined & Relaxed: is a standard position where she lies on her back (usually on a bed or in a comfy chair) but there are a few variations you can try. If you are lying between her legs, place one or more pillows under her bum (tilting her pelvis upward). This allows you to stimulate around her perineum and vaginal entrance without bending your neck awkwardly. Raising her legs has a similar effect but can become tiring after a while. If on a couch or chair, arrange some furniture so she can support her feet while you kneel between her legs. Some women prefer to tighten their legs as their orgasm approaches. For this situation, you can kneel or lay beside her while you continue to stimulate her clitoris.

Squat & Straddle: while you lie on your back, she can straddle over you in either a kneeling or squatting position. You may need a pillow to prop up your head to reach a comfortable height and avoid neck strain. She can face backward (toward your feet) and encourage your pleasuring by stimulating you as well. Facing forward, she can watch you and enjoy a sense of power play. You will also be able to look up and see her expressions of ecstasy. This position also enables you to stroke and caress her body easily. She can arch backward or lean forward to alter the angle and area of your stimulation. Squatting may be tiring but the muscle tension in her legs may enhance her orgasm.

Backside Bliss: while she kneels and leans forward, you can orally pleasure her from behind either from above or below. For better access to her clitoris, she may need to kneel near the edge of the bed or couch while you kneel on the floor. She can also drape her legs over the edge of the bed or arm rest. A few pillows under her hips and stomach may help as well.

Sixty Nine: is a classic position that can be performed with your lover on top or bottom. As a potentially more comfortable alternative, also try lying on your sides. Some women enjoy fellatio while being orally pleasured. Although fun to attempt now and again, striving for simultaneous orgasms in this way is not essential. Allow your lover to fully focus on her orgasm(s) as an individual yet mutually enjoyable experience.

Stand & Receive: while she stands, you can kneel and orally pleasure her in front or behind. The front position provides relatively good access to her clitoris. A few flexible contortions are required to stimulate other regions. When in front, you can gaze up at her while she watches. You can also lie with your head over the edge of a bed or bench while she straddles you in a standing position.

Exotic Excitement: some more advanced positions can be achieved using some creative accessories. Some of the sex swings available enable you to experiment with some wild, almost weightless positions - even hanging upside down if you want. There are also custom made benches specially designed to adjust for different cunnilingus positions. For a less extreme accessory, use lots of luxurious pillows to prop yourselves into comfortable positions. Cunnilingus while your lover is floating on her back in water (pool, hot tub, ocean, etc.) can be quite fun too.

When considering different positions for cunnilingus, remember to take into account the emotional aspects. Some women are uncomfortable with their bodies and may want to avoid certain positions that seem unflattering to them. However, many men and women find the visual component of cunnilingus to be part of the erotic thrill. Each position adds a new perspective which can be enhanced with lingerie or different types of lighting. Subtle aspects of dominance and submission can also come into play. Whatever your desires, ensure your lover feels comfortable emotionally and physically so you can both enjoy this sensual experience.

3 Stunning Lovemaking Positions That Can Bring Your Partner To Over-Flowing Orgasms Pleasure

When it comes to lovemaking, it always has the same basic concept, whereby a man will put his penis into a woman's vagina canal and move it in and out until one or both parties achieve orgasms. So how does one make lovemaking stay interesting and more pleasurable? Varying your lovemaking positions is the key to help your partner enjoy making love and achieve unforgettable orgasms.

When it comes to satisfying women in bed, a lot of men think that penis size is all that matters. It is absolutely not true at all. It is not your size that matters, but rather the sexual positions that you are in with your partner.
Let me share with you 3 stunning lovemaking positions that you absolutely must try out with your partner:

1. Doggy Position. This is by far one of the most stimulating positions that couples used to enjoy. With this position, the woman will go down on all fours, using her forearms to support herself. The man will then penetrate her from the back and control the thrusting movement. This position not only stimulates the g-spot, it also gives the man a great deal of pleasure due to deep penetration.

2. Man-On-Top Position. This is a very common lovemaking positions that couples always used when making love. Due to its deep penetration and complete stimulation, it will really give the woman hell lots of pleasure. It will good to start off your lovemaking with this position and ends it with this too for powerful orgasms.

3. The Right Angle Position. For this position, the woman will lie on her back with her bottom at the edge of a table or a bed. The man can place a cushion at the back of the woman to make her feel more comfortable. The man will then enter her, caressing her breasts and clitoris. If the woman grab the man's pelvis with her ankles crossed and he presses himself against her, the pressure will mount, giving very powerful stimulation for both parties. She will feel very pleasurable as she will be able to feel every movement of your manhood.

How To Make A Woman Achieves Breaking Point Orgasms That She Will Never Ever Forget

Are you very skillful in bed that you can easily make a woman achieve earth-shattering orgasms that she will never ever forget? Every man wants to be a hero in bed to satisfy his partner to the brink of breaking point. To achieve this, you need to have passion, communication, and pleasure when you are making love with your partner.

If you have all 3 elements during lovemaking, you will be able to bring your partner to orgasms very easily. Read on to find out how you can put these into practise and pleasure your partner:

1. Passion. A lot of couples complain that passion decreases as time goes by. It is not unusual for couples to lose the passion and intimacy in the bedroom if they are together for quite some time. However, this is not a permanent problem. As long as you know how to introduce new ideas and take initiative during lovemaking, you will still be able to bring back the passion and intimacy that the both of you once enjoyed. Women love passionate sex, and this is what sparks them to achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Therefore, make sure you try your best to make the whole act as passionate as possible.

2. Communication. If you want to satisfy her in bed, you need to communicate a lot with her. It will be good for her to tell you what she likes during sex. For example, what positions that she best prefer for maximum pleasure, how fast he wants you to go, etc. All these things are essential for you to find out if you really want her to enjoy a breaking point orgasm.

3. Pleasure. In order to completely arouse her, you need to pleasure every part of her erogenous zones. Areas such as neck, spine, inner thighs, abdomen, breasts, earlobes, lips, and vulva, are places that you cannot afford not to stimulate. It will be good if you can give her cunnilingus, as research has shown that more than 81% of married women regularly achieve orgasms from cunnilingus, when compared to only 25% of them from traditional penetration. Therefore, a good cunnilingus on her can really drive her to orgasms heaven.

How To Bed A Woman Successfully With These Killer 4 Steps

Every man wants to give his partner maximum pleasure during lovemaking but the usual question will be always how can one do it? There are tons of techniques that you can use to lead a woman on. However, to entice a woman to go into bed with you is not that hard after all if you just know what exact steps that you should take to lead her on.

Let me share with you 4 really simple steps that you can use anywhere, anytime, on any woman:

1. Increase her sexual desire. To increase her sexual desire, you need to set the right mood. What you can do is to actually use words to lead her to a mental sexual mental movie between the both of you. Everything starts from the mind and you can fully arouse a woman even without touching her, if you know how to play your words right. Make your conversation very descriptive about how and what you can do with her to get her juices flowing.

2. Have some slight physical action. When I say slight physical action, I mean gentle physical touches that can lead her on such as a light hug, holding hands, or brushing your hands through her hair. Try to keep your touches as gentle as possible so as to let her imagine what it is going to be like when the real action begins.

3. Get closer to her. The next step is to sit closer to her and lean your body towards her whenever you are talking to her. Tease her by whispering into her ears, and make her feel your warm breathe. If you are face to face with her, maintain eye contact with her while slowly shift your glance to her lips, so as to indicate you are ready to take it to the next level.

4. Engage in passionate kissing. Women love kissing and you should always try your best to give her a very good kissing experience. Start with slight kissing and slowly move your way down her body. Keep the pace very slow, and you can now add more pleasure by moving your hands gently all over her body.

If you follow these 4 steps closely, the chance of you getting her to make love with you will be very high. The rest is all up to your sexual performance.

How To Get A Woman Addicted To You In Bed By Smashing All Expectations of Hers

To get a woman addicted to you in bed, you need to be her hero by giving her a sensational lovemaking experience that she has never experienced before. It is every man's desire to satisfy a woman to the extreme, as this will definitely make him feel proud and dominating.

To satisfy her, you need to set the stage right for mind blowing sex. Remember that it is not about you anymore, it is all about satisfying her and cater all her needs in bed. Read on to discover the tips that I am going to share with you so that you will get a woman addicted to you:

1. Having a prolonged foreplay. The biggest culprit of unsatisfying sex is that men always rush through foreplay. If you really want your woman to enjoy it, you need to engage in a prolonged foreplay with her. During the foreplay, tease her on her erogenous zones such as neck, earlobes, breasts, inner thighs, and spine. Remember to kiss as most of the women love kissing. Kissing can make them feel loved, thus setting up the right mood for sex.

2. Let her fulfil her sexual fantasy. I believe that your partner surely has her own sexual fantasies waiting to be fulfilled. If you are serious about getting her addicted to you in bed, you need to please her by helping her to fulfil her sexual fantasies. Women always desire men who can allow them to explore their sexual fantasies and let them fly free. Therefore, give her control for the moment, and allow her to dictate the sexual scenario that she wishes to set up.

3. Do it slowly. When it comes to real act, it will be good that you make your strokes slower. This will allow your partner to enjoy more of the experience, and increase the chance of getting multiple orgasms. You should maintain a smooth nice pace, which is neither too slow nor too fast, to send her to the edge of orgasms.

Bear these 3 tips in mind and be her hero in the bedroom tonight. If you over perform once, you are moving in the right direction to make her want it badly in the future.